Introducing AR-works – ‘Seeing is Believing’

The AR-works plug-in developed for Vectorworks allows Architects & Designers to export their 3D models from Vectorworks and create a fully interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experience which totally engages their client, and allows them to view and understand their proposed design in a way never before possible.

Communicating with your client in this way is easy.
Send your client a link to a download which contains everything they require, a copy of the AR-works 'Viewer' and ‘Marker’ (printed graphic used to trigger the experience).
You can now email the model, amends and redesigns of the model straight to your client. The only requirement  needed to view the model is a computer with a webcam - if you do not have a webcam, the model can still be viewed in ‘on screen’ mode.

The Architect’s client can now load their model through the ‘Viewer’ and experience their proposed design ‘in their hand’ or on their desk as a fully interactive 3D model.

When the model is first launched you have an option to hide the model inside a presentation box and by pressing any key on the keyboard the box fades away and ‘by magic’ the model is revealed on the marker – you can select and upload a design/texture to appear on the box. Within the next couple of releases there will be a facility to show the architect/designers name, project title and the client’s details which will be a really cool way to advertise your name & services and for the client to show off their project.

Viewing a 3D model in AR-works allows the user to see the model and interact with it in several different ways. Interact with it by holding the model in your hand, and move it around to fully understand the proposed design. Read the building’s form by removing components, floors, walls etc, slice through the X.Y & Z axis to look inside the model, and see how shadows move around the building by changing the suns orientation.

AR-works allows clients to make more informed decisions and simplify the design process.

AR-works is a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

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