User Features


AR-works Viewer
The AR-works 'Viewer' allows you to select options for viewing the AR model.
The options include selecting the model you want to view, the display resolution and camera settings.
You can also check for updates to make sure you are using the current version.

User Interface - Pop out panel
All the functionality of AR-works can be accessed via the pop-out panels on either side of the viewer screen.

X, Y and Z Clipping Planes
The architect and their client can slice/section the model through the X,Y & Z planes. This allows you to view any part of the models interior and structure. Select the plane and increase/decrease the sectioning of the plane via sliders on the pop-out panel on the left of the screen.

Layers and Classes
The layers and classes are exported intact from Vectorworks into the AR viewing model, giving architects the ability to display several different options of the building, e.g. different roof styles, windows, etc. The client can switch the layers/classes on/off to decide which style they prefer – this new technology assists the client to read the building in 3D and make much clearer decisions on the options available. The layers and classes are accessed in the UI on the right of the screen.

Zoom Functionality
The model can be increased/decreased in size using the 'size' slider in the UI on the left of the screen.
The model size can also be increased/decreased by using the scroll wheel on the mouse or the '+' or '-' on the keyboard.


Render modes
Models can be viewed in several different rendering modes - again accessed in the UI on the right of the screen.



Lighting and Shadows
By selecting 'shadows' in the right UI panel you are able to simulate the movement of the sun around the model and see how light and shadows fall around the property. 'Day/Night' mode changes the colouring, and selecting 'Ground plane' adds or removes the shadow on the ground.

Mouse mode
It is possible to toggle between AR mode and ‘mouse’ mode by pressing the spacebar or selecting the option in the left pop-out.
The model can be rotated
through a full 360 by clicking and dragging.
'Mouse mode' is perfect for those who do not have a webcam. It still allows your client to fully unerstand the dynamics of the design.
All the functionality in Mouse Mode is the same as in AR mode.


Exporting is Easy



Viewer and marker download

Use this link on your website for your clients to download the AR-works Viewer. CLICK HERE to download

Clients will be able to view their designs or potential clients examples of your work.

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