Download the AR-works installer from the download buttons below - select either Windows or Mac version accordingly.
Once the file has downloaded, open the file and follow the installer instructions.

Windows Installer for AR-works Viewer + Plug-in
Mac Installer for AR-works Viewer + Plug-in

Windows Plug-in Files for Vectorworks
Mac Plug-in Files for Vectorworks
Vectorworks 2010 Plugin v1.2.1 Win Vectorworks 2010 Plugin v1.2.2 Mac
Vectorworks 2011 Plugin v1.2.1 Win Vectorworks 2011 Plugin v1.2.1 Mac
Vectorworks 2012 Plugin v1.2.1 Win Vectorworks 2012 Plugin v1.2.1 Mac



The exporter plug-in will automatically install itself if you have Vectorworks installed.
When you first try exporting a Vectorworks model through the AR-works exporter you will be prompted for an AR-works License key.
Obtain a license key by contacting your nearest Vectorworks distributor. A full list of distributors is available on this site.

The plugin exports Vectorworks models and converts them into .arw model files that can be loaded into the AR-works viewer.

Using the Plugin

  • Within Vectorworks, select the parts of the model that you wish to export. An empty selection will export the model as a whole.
  • Go to ‘File->Export->Export to AR-works (3D only)...’ and follow the prompts.
  • Specify the .arw filename and location that you wish to save to. This is the file that you will load into the viewer.



The viewer displays .arw models exported using the AR-works plugin from Vectorworks. A webcam and ‘Marker’ (printed graphic) can be used to look around the model.

Using the Viewer

  • Run the AR-works shortcut from the Start menu.
  • Print the marker from the 'Marker' tab in the launcher (this step only needs to be completed the first time you run AR-works).
  • Select the .arw model file that you wish to view. Either browse for a specific file, or select from a list of recently viewed/exported .arw files.
  • You also have the option to select screen resolution and basic camera properties - although the defaults should be ok.
  • Click ‘Launch’ to start the AR-works viewer.

Download .pdf Marker Below

Download this file (AR-works Marker.pdf)AR-works Marker[AR-works Marker]20 Kb

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