Hints & Tips

Using the Viewer

This viewer displays Vectorworks models exported using the AR-works plugin.
A webcam and augmented reality marker can be used to look around the model.

1. Print the marker from the 'Marker' tab in the launcher.

2. Select the ARW model file to view. You can either browse for a specific file, or select from a list of recently viewed/exported ARW files.

3. You also have the option to select screen resolution and basic camera properties - although the defaults should be ok.

4. Click ‘Launch’ to start the AR-works viewer.

Using the Marker

Your webcam has to see the printed marker to be able to overlay the model.
Ensure you keep the entire marker within sight of the webcam.
For best results mount the printed marker on a piece of card or foam-board. This stops the paper from bending and the webcam losing sight of the marker.
Print your marker onto non-reflective paper.
Try to avoid holding the marker under strong overhead lighting, as this can create glare on the marker which causes the webcam to lose sight of it.

Windows Users - Saving Files

When exporting from Vectorworks, do not save your ARW files in the Program Files directory. Instead create a new file outside the Program Files directory, for example in your user documents folder.


When the Vectorworks model has many CLASSES and there is a requirement to toggle components on and off, such as alternative roof arrangements, for ease in demonstrating AR-works these can be assigned to separate LAYERS.

Webcam Requirements

Your webcam should run at a minimum of 30 frames per second.

Letting Your Client See Your Design

You can email your client a design of their model along with a link to download the AR-works Viewer.
This is the link from where the AR-works viewer is downloaded - http://www.ar-works.net/e/download.html

AR-works Viewer Keyboard Shortcuts

+/- or up/down cursor keys Increase/decrease model size
W - Toggle wireframe
Space Bar - Toggle display of model without AR marker
Any key - Start reveal (if reveal is enabled)
Esc - Exit fullscreen mode (when in fullscreen) or exit application (when windowed)
X -Toggle x-sectioning plane
Y -Toggle y-sectioning plane
Z -Toggle z-sectioning plane
Numpad 4/6 - Move x-sectioning plane left/right
Numpad 8/2 - Move y-sectioning plane up/down
Numpad 9/3 - Move z-sectioning plane forward/back
R - Change render mode
L - Change lighting mode
C - Reset reveal
[ - Decrease time of day (when in day/night lighting mode)
] - Increase time of day (when in day/night lighting mode)
Left Mouse Click - Click and drag to move the viewing angle
Mouse Wheel - Increase/decrease model size


end faq

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